Monday, August 8, 2011

Trout Fly fishing Gear (First Timers Essentials)

Online fishing games are fun but fly fishing for trout along a crisp clear mountain stream is a romantic experience. It is difficult to describe the joyous peaceful feeling except to say you must try it yourself. Here are some essential fishing tackle tips for first time fly fishing.

Fly fishing is all about experiencing the water and the fish. A good pair of neoprene chest waders will allow you to enter the water world and stay warm. A pair of felt soled boots will help you to walk on the rocks and gravel of the stream without falling.

A good fishing vest with lots of pockets is important. Standing in the water you’ll need to have access to all your equipment. A pair of hemostats will work wonders removing a fish hook from a fish’s lip or your finger. They clamp onto the vest for easy access and storage.

A fly box is also important. The fly box with soft foam inside will hold your flies in place until you’re ready for them. Be sure to get a box small enough to fit into your vest pocket.

Good, sharp fingernail sized clippers are very handy to cut tippet. When changing flies it is easier to just clip off the tippet at a 45 degree angle. This makes is easy to feed the tippet through the eye of the next fly you put on.

Having the same fly in a variety of fishing hook sizes is very important. Size matters. Sometimes fish are after big bugs and others will want small bugs.

Using a fish net to contain the fish while removing the hook is very helpful. Fly fishing nets have a long elastic cord that fastens to the upper back to the fishing vest on a d-ring. On your back the net is out of the way but accessible.

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